Mustang Dash Update

We would like to send a huge shout-out on behalf of the PTA!  We are so close to raising $40,000 for our campus!!  Wow - it's been an example of teamwork at its best! The run will be held on Thursday, September 26th. 

Students will enjoy 1/2 of their designated time running the "Dash" and the other 1/2 of the time at the bounce houses.  You are welcome to come watch if you have completed your on-line background check.  If you plan to come you may notify your teacher via email and if you have been in the building before we will pre-print your name badge.  

We will keep you posted on the duct-tape date!  It's coming!

If you would like to volunteer on "Dash day"- here's a link where you may choose a time to help.

Thanks for your help and donations.