End of Year Awards & Parties

This year is rapidly coming to a close, but not before celebrating all of the efforts and accomplishments of our Mustangs who are racing towards success. Each grade level will be recognizing student's achievements in academic performance, special skills and talents, attendance, and much more. You are welcome and encouraged to join us in celebrating your scholars. 

Additionally, class parties will take place on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Find your child's party schedule posted below.

            Award Show Schedule                                                Class Party Schedule

   Grade                         Date                         Time                                                            Grade                       Time

EE/ Pre-K                May 15, 2023                8:30 AM                                                    Kindergarten               10:20 AM

Kindergarten           May 17, 2023                8:20 AM                                                    1st Grade                    11:30 AM

1st Grade                May 22, 2023                8:45 AM                                                    2nd Grade                   1:00 PM

2nd Grade               May 11, 2023                8:30 AM                                                    3rd Grade                    1:45 PM

3rd Grade                May 25, 2023                8:45 AM                                                   4th Grade                    12:30 PM

4th Grade                May 24, 2023                8:30 AM