Miller's Robotics Club

Students learn to build and code robots. The club competed in the First Lego League Competition. They are required to build a robot, complete missions, present the Core Values to judges, and complete a special project. Students meet on a weekly basis to work on the different sections to get ready for competition.

Battle of the Books

In Battle of the Books students read a preselected list  of books. The students practice questions about the books to prepare for a district wide competition. The competition team is selected at the end of January. The competition team continues to reread the text and meet as a group to practice. In March, the team goes to a district competition and competes against other Battle of the Books team in Mansfield.

Math Pentathlon Club

Math pentathlon club uses problem-solving games to strengthen basic math concepts and skills, and stimulates creative thinking while developing problem solving skills. Students learn games and may participate in the math pentathlon tournament.

Mustang Choir

The purpose of the Mustang Choir is to provide an outlet for those students who love singing and performing. During music class students do lot of things: sing, move, learn and practice new skills, play instruments and games, but for those with a special love of singing, choir is a time where they can be with others that love singing. We perform several times a year. It provides a way for the students to share their love of singing with our community.

Running Club

The purpose of the running club is to promote good health. Club members participates in several 5ks such as: Miles for Meredith Run, Cowtown, and the Pickle Parade Run. Sometimes they will have an opportunity to participates in other local races.